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At the heart of a successful marketing and communications strategy lies a targeted video content strategy. Connecting people to your brand, mission and products through meaningful stories that create clarity and connection, and drive engagement, loyalty and conversions. But which video will work best for your brand or business? To make the process easier we’ve outlined our top 12 video production products and services that can showcase your product or service and help you take your brand to the next level.

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Brand Videos

When it comes to communicating your brand, clarity is key. People simply don’t buy what they don’t understand. So how do you stand out and cut through the noise? Brand videos create a clarity around your brand, mission and products. Helping people to connect with your story, what you do, why you do it, and why you’re different in a way that is compelling, clear and authentic.

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Explainer Videos

An explainer video is your elevator pitch…on steroids. When it comes to marketing assets, explainer videos give you the biggest bang for your buck. Front and centre on your website, sales presentations, trade shows, pitches and email blasts, these videos clearly communicate who you are, what you do, and why you matter. Building trust, boosting engagement and increasing conversions. In fact, research shows that including an explainer video on the landing page of your website can increase time on page by 88% and conversions by a whopping 80%.

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How-To/Instructional Videos

How-to videos aren’t just for makeup-bloggers or fitness coaches. Short, concise and shareable, these step-by-step tutorial videos can be effectively used to answer FAQs, instruct your audience on how to use your product or service, onboard or train your team, or share information. Providing your audience, customers and staff the flexibility and freedom to learn when and where it suits them best. Anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Corporate Training Videos/Educational Videos

As workplaces change, so do training requirements and methods. Video is the new normal, and with good reason. Corporate training videos  allow you to deliver complex messages and training in a consistent, clear, flexible, engaging and cost effective way. Whether it’s customer experience training, leadership development, compliance, employee onboarding, or technical, skills or sales training, corporate training videos allow you to deliver your training  on demand, in the medium preferred by over 75% of  employees.

Storytelling Testimonial Videos

Social proof is a powerful thing. Success stories sell, and nothing instils trust, credibility and authority like a powerful testimonial video. But not all testimonial videos are created equal. After all, who wants to watch what feels like another informercial? The secret to creating testimonial videos that engage, motivate and convert is in the story telling. It’s not just about how good you are, it’s about their journey. The problems they faced and how YOU helped them overcome them, that builds trust and rapport and ultimately wins business.

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Product / Demo Videos

What’s the key to showcasing your product? Show. Don’t. Sell. A compelling product demo video turns often complex products and concepts into one your audience can see, hear and experience, making them 64-85% more likely to buy. An essential part of your sales and marketing toolkit, these videos showcase your product, highlight how it works and most importantly how it will benefit your potential clients’ lives. Increasing familiarity and trust; important factors in the decision to buy.

Social Video Ads

Social video ads allow you to understand your target audience and connect, engage and convert them…wherever they are. If they’re done right. One of the most common mistakes brands and organisations make is to simply repurpose their video content for social. But this rarely works. The three key ingredients for a social video ad campaign that converts are clearly defined goals,  social video ads and content tailored to each social platform and paid ad placements.

Monetised Video Online Courses

Online video courses are the perfect solution for industry and subject matter experts and companies who want to expand their audience and monetize their content or expertise. Whether it’s a one off course, series or a paid membership site, video online courses allow you to share your knowledge, boost credibility, and generate leads and revenue.

Mini Video Online Courses

How do you build trust, establish credibility and expand your reach in today’s digital landscape? The answer is simple. You create value. A video-mini course helps you to expand your reach and build trust by educating your audience through a series of between 4 to 10 videos, or 20-60 minutes of content. Typically given away for free in exchange for their email address, this is the perfect lead generation tool for organisations, coaches, or industry and subject matter experts who want to extend their reach and capture email addresses.

Video Case Studies

Let your social proof and results speak for themselves. A video case study instils trust, reduces scepticism, overcomes objections, and highlights all of your impressive stats and capabilities in a way that no other form of marketing can. Period. In fact, research has found that video case studies and storytelling testimonial videos are the video production products and services with the highest effectiveness ratings, at 89% and 88% respectively.

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Event Videos

There’s nothing quite like a well-planned event for creating a sense of buzz and anticipation around your organisation or product. But the key to success lies in capturing the magic and creating shareable opportunities that not only engage and captivate but also maximise your exposure (and ROI), before, during and after your event. Event videos are one of the most commonly used video production products, and help you do just that. Whether it’s an award ceremony, conference, publicity stunt, publicity event or festival, event videos will help you to boost ticket sales and reach, increase brand affinity and engagement, and elevate your brand.

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